Fingerprint Jewelry- Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to produce and make Fingerprint Jewelry


 Arrange all your tools and accessories before you start

 Lubricate your roller, work surface and tools

 Use thick slats / playing cards (5-4 cards thick) to allow enough clay for the finger to push into

 Leave enough edge to drill a hole for the jump ring to go through

For this project you will need


Teflon sheet

Needle tool

Playing cards

Casting Resin 

Two part mold / silicon cold mold

Sand paper / sand block

Shape cutter

Drill / poking tool

Hot plate

Torch / kiln

Brass brush

Liver of sulfur / oxidation solution

Polishing cloth

Jump ring

Tip. To avoid mold and casting resin part you can use our FingerPrint Stamp Service

You can start creating fingerprints impressions in clay once you have the fingerprint impression captured in Silicon mold. I have been working with few of them and the best one I found so far is by Siligum(blue & white). you can take the print directly from there or I rather create another mold which will be harder and easier to work and manipulate with and this is with the "Casting Resin". See instructions below 

 mix and pore the Liquid Casting Resin (Please follow instructions) into the silicon mold.  It usually takes 10 minutes to cure and turn into high detailed hard plastic that you press into your clay

After approximately 10 minutes (depends on weather) the clear liquid turn into white hard material. Once fully cured it's ready to be used

Roll your clay between 4-5 cards thick (for silver clay) and 6-7 cards (for bronze and copper clay)  make sure the clay is clean and  smooth

Lubricate the white plastic impression and press it into the wet clay without applying too much pressure but still enough to make a good impression