Products for weighing and measuring during your metal clay projects.
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Standard-Width Finger Gauge Set

Use this handy gauge set to measure fingers for wide-width rings. Sizes 1–15 are clearly stamped on gauges in half-size increments. Constructed of bright nickel-plated flat stock.
£11.16 (GBP)

Plastic Finger Gauge Set

Inexpensive yet very handy measuring tool for ring sizes.
£1.51 (GBP)

Measuring Spoons

Measuring Spoons for powder clay and other materials.
£0.79 (GBP)

Ring Mandrel- Graduated Steel

Laser engraved steel ring mandrel.
£12.79 (GBP)

6" Digital Caliper

Precise digital caliper for accurate and reliable sizing in your project
£15.19 (GBP)

Digital Scale (1000 Gram)

Precise scale for your bench top tool set or on the go use.
£17.59 (GBP)

PMC Shrinkage Ruler

Ruler for calculating PMC shrinkage.
£3.00 (GBP)

Plastic Adjustable Ring Sizer

Plastic Adjustable Ring Sizer. Marked in quarter sizes. (U.S. sizes 1-17.5
£0.99 (GBP)
£0.71 (GBP)