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3 Lb. Rotary Tumbler

Quickly and economically shine your metal clay.
£50.69 (GBP)

Dura-BULL® Single-Barrel Rotary Tumbler

Economical and reliable tumbler for easy polishing of your metal clay items.
£92.82 (GBP)

Dual Drum Rotary Tumbler

Dual Drum Rotary Tumbler for hassle free finishing of your metal clay projects.
£70.19 (GBP)

Stainless Steel Shot- Texture Blend

The tumble media for metal clay polishing. For high polish and work hardening. This particular blend is great for heavy textured items.
£15.21 (GBP)

SS Magnetic Tumbling Pins .05 x 5mm

The standard magnetic tumbler media for metal clay jewelry polishing.
£15.56 (GBP)

Matte Tumbling Media (1/2 lbs)

This tumbling media is for creating matte finish and cleaning your metal clay creations.
£3.51 (GBP)