Create professional and precise hinges in metal clay

with The Magic Hinge Box System

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Magic Hinge Box - 4mm

The Magic Hinge Box provides a revolutionary approach to creating metal clay hinges
$41.09 (CAD)

Pre Measured Roller for 4mm Magic Hinge Box

Pre Measured Snake Roller Works with our Magic Hinge Box.
$15.06 (CAD)

Extrusion Cleaner For 4mm Hinge system

Extrusion Cleaner makes cleaning clay very easy and precise. Works with our 4mm Magic Hinge Box.
$8.21 (CAD)

Track Mold(90 degree) for 4mm Hinges

4mm Track mold and for creating 90 degree swing hinges. Works with our Magic Hinge Box.
$28.76 (CAD)

Hinge Expander For 4mm Hinge system

Hinge expander adds 3mm width to the hinge for each expander added. Works with our Magic Hinge Box.
$15.06 (CAD)

Magic Hinge Box Multiplier Set 4mm

Hinge multiplier set adds the ability to create multiple parts without waiting for last part to dry.
$15.06 (CAD)