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PMC3 Silver Clay, 50g (3 Pack)

Must be bought in quantity 3 or more for discounted price
ˆ282.13 (EUR)
ˆ260.36 (EUR)

PMC Flex 60g 3 Pack

New! Same great PMC Silver Clay with extended working time.
ˆ339.12 (EUR)
ˆ335.76 (EUR)

PMC Sterling 50g 3 Pack

A Sterling Silver version of your favorite metal clay. As it the name implies it is the strongest yet.
ˆ275.92 (EUR)
ˆ273.19 (EUR)

PMC+ Silver Clay, 45g (3 Pack)

Each package contains 45 grams of PMC+(3 Pack)
ˆ219.21 (EUR)
ˆ204.24 (EUR)