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Ultra Clay Pick

The finest needle tool available for cutting clay.
£10.32 (GBP)

HSS Drill bit Set

This piece set is great for drilling holes in pre-fire dry metal clay.
£4.79 (GBP)

QuikArt™ Standard Stylus

QuikArt™ Standard Stylus with 0.015" diameter tip.
£6.39 (GBP)

Precision Cut-Off Needle Tool

Precision needle for doing metal clay cut offs
£1.19 (GBP)
£0.95 (GBP)

Pro Needle Tool

This need tool is a all purpose needle tool.
£1.99 (GBP)
£1.91 (GBP)

Heavy Duty Cut-Off Needle Tool

Heavy duty needle for doing metal clay cut offs
£1.59 (GBP)

5 Piece Pick Set

Great for carve, detailing and finishing in hard to reach areas
£6.39 (GBP)

6 Piece Carving Set

Great for carving and detailing.
£7.99 (GBP)