PMC is the name brand of Mitsubishu Applied Materials metal clay products.
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PMC+ Silver Clay, 18g

Each package contains 18 grams of PMC+
ˆ34.33 (EUR)
ˆ31.03 (EUR)

PMC+ Silver Clay, 6g

Each package contains 6 grams of PMC+
ˆ13.53 (EUR)
ˆ13.40 (EUR)

PMC+ Paper(long), 5 grams

Specifications: Dimensions: 12cm x 3cm x .01" thick; Pure silver, 5-gram) Country of origin JAPAN
ˆ14.84 (EUR)
ˆ14.69 (EUR)

PMC+ Paper/Sheet, 5 grams

Specifications: Dimensions 6 x 6cm Size 5 grams Brand PMC+™ Form Sheet Country of origin JAPAN
ˆ14.84 (EUR)
ˆ14.69 (EUR)

PMC3 Silver Clay Slip Syringe, 9g

Contains 9g of PMC3 slip
ˆ19.84 (EUR)
ˆ19.64 (EUR)

PMC3 Silver Clay Slip/Paste, 15g

Each jar contains 15gs of slip.
ˆ30.12 (EUR)
ˆ29.82 (EUR)

22K Yellow Gold PMC Clay, 3 grams

Each package contains 3 grams of PMC Gold
From ˆ172.73 (EUR)

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