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Metal Clay Starter Kit Deluxe

A complete metal clay starter tool set.
Manufacturer: MetalClays

This fantastic tool set is our exclusive tool set designed for the beginning artist. It is everything you wiil need for your first class or project filled with all the essential tools and beyond. The only we left out is anti-stick oil, firing system and of course metal clay.

  • Work Surface - 4 x 6 inch 5mil anti stick work surface sheet
  • Playing Cards - Used to adjust the thickness of your work piece.
  • Mini File Set - Shaping and sanding 12pc
  • Flat Dust Brush - Dust pickup for saving and reclaiming clay
  • Sandpaper - 5 Grits 400,800,1200,2000,2500.
  • Roller - 5 3/4 long metal clay roller.
  • Adjustable Ring Sizer -Plastic Adjustable Ring Sizer. Marked in quarter sizes. (U.S. sizes 1-17.5)
  • Brass Brush -Adjustable brass brush. Used to finish fired pieces.
  • Needle Tool -6" long.
  • Craft Knife -2.5cm cutting edge. Includes blade guard.
  • Tissue Blade -Flexible Stainless Steel cutter/scraper.
  • Polishing Pad -For final polishing.
  • Tool Case -Black leatherette zippable case.
  • Cool Slip- Hand and tool lubricant so clay does not stcik
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