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BRONZclay , 1kg

Each package contains 1000 grams of Bronz Clay
Manufacturer: Metal Adventures

This great new addition to the metal clay family offers amazing capabilities. Lets start with it’s affordable. Anything that can be done with clay you can do with Bronz clay. Whether you use it create a fantastic new piece or prototype an idea for silver or gold clay it does it at the right place. Refrigerating increases its shelf life. You can’t mix your tools for silver with it. It also requires a different setup for firing however once learned it really gives you the freedom to play. It shrinks about 20%(approx).

See product specification tab below for more details this bronze metal clay


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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$273.93 (CAD)
Products specifications
Brand Bronz Clay
Made in USA
Shrinkage 20% approx.
Composition 11% tin, 89% copper
Firing Schedule Ramp at 250°F/hour to 1550°F (843°C) and hold for 3 hours
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