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Bail Builder Kit (Angled Shape Size 10WC)

Bail Builder Kit for creating perfect embeddable bails in all metal clays.
Manufacturer: MetalClays

Our Bail Builder kit allows the artist to quickly and simply create seamless bails in all types of clay. Bail can be left smooth,textured or even carved. Embeddable prong can be adjusted in length and allows bail to be attached with the strength and look of traditional jewelry. Bail can be embedded to piece pre fire and after. The choice is yours.

Size 10mm x 6mm BO (Kit includes Angled Shape shown in pics)

This kit create bails that have bail opening of 10mm x 6mm in wet clay. It is important to factor shrinkage for clay being used.

Important Features

  • Easy and super fast
  • Very precise with professional results
  • Works with all metal clays
  • Reusable
  • Expandable to different shapes(optional inserts)

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