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Hi-Fire Kiln Wash 24oz

Picture of Hi-Fire Kiln Wash 24oz
Kiln wash for kiln shelf preparation and maintenance.
Manufacturer: Evenheat Kilns

A special formulation of alumina and low-fluxing clays developed to withstand the high kiln temperatures required for raking. Contains a dye which burns off when firing. An excellent smooth finish between the glass and kiln shelf. Hi-Fire Shelf Primer is also excellent for coating mandrels for beadmaking. 24 oz. (680g).

Mix 1 part powder to 5 parts water.  Mix thoroughly.  Apply evenly to shelf with  Haik brush 4 or more times.  Cure primed shelf at 550F(288C) for 20 min. Remove spent primer with 80 grit sandpaper or abrasive screen.

Hi Fire Kiln Wash MSDS

ˆ13.79 (EUR)