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Bead Builder Square II

This mold is for easily creating Square square shaped beads in any metal clay. Fits popular heirloom bracelets like Pandora™.
Manufacturer: MetalClays

This mold is for easily creating hollow square beads in any metal clay. It allows the artist to create the base shape extremely quickly and easily so they can concentrate on personalization and customization. They use minimal clay (approx 7.7 grams) so even silver is a affordable clay to work with. Size is appropriate for popular bracelets like Pandora ™ when using clay with a 12% or less shrinkage rate. The beads can be easily adapted to any setting.

Wet Clay Measurements

W 15.5mm X L 15.5mm X H 11mm

Fired Measurements (PMC3)

W 13mm x L 13mm X H 9.5mm

When using Frame Adaptor bead will fit 11mm X 11mm photo or other embeddable

Printed Instructions - English

Printed Instructions - French

Video Instructions For Advanced Bead Builder Shapes