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FREE SAMPLE Fingerprint Stamp 20mm (3/4in)

Have a digital fingerprint turn into high detail stamp.SAMPLE STAMP,


Want to try before you buy? Place this in your cart and we will send pre-cut sample so you can compare to other methods like DIY photo polymer. We are confident once you experience the quality , ease of use and professional results you will come back for more.

These finger print stamps are high detailed precise copies of your digital image. They are great for baby prints and when ink prints are the only option. The digital process allows for enhancement of poor quality prints. We can also do ink foot prints and hand prints.

Each stamp is more then deep enough so only the finger print impression touches your piece.

 Ships in 3 about business days or less!

The stamp heads are available in several fixed sizes but you can specify impression size in text box below as long as it fits within stamp head size.

Fingerprint Stamp 20mm (3/4 inch)

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