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Aussie Antarctic Moonlight 100g

Powder form clay that you mix as needed. Wonderful clay to work with. Colors can be fired together.
Manufacturer: Aussie Metal Clays

Made from Australian Base Metals this Aussie Metal Clay TM ~ Aussie Antarctic Moonlight is a stunning colour once fired and polished. A high polish is achievable with this metal clay. Suitable for all jewelry items Aussie Metal Clay TM ~ Aussie Antarctic Moonlight must be fired according to the schedule set for it

Colour description: A Silver colour and is able to fire with the same mid range firing schedule.

Firing Compatibility: It is compatible to Aussie Desert Sun, Aussie Gold Bronze, Aussie Ruby Bronze, & Aussie Antarctic Sand – all can be fired at the same time

Testing: We recommend that you do a test on each of the clays to make sure that the temperatures are right for your kiln, as each and every Kiln tends to run to their own specific temperature & this will need to be checked before you put a lot of work into a piece.

All clays are shipped with firing schedules and instructions but you can also

Click here for printable firing instructions

Please watch this short video on the difference SuperFlex and Standard.

How To Mix

Picture of Aussie Antarctic Moonlight 100g - Standard
Aussie Antarctic Moonlight 100g - Standard
This clay features the longest post mix shelf life with great flex qualities. In fact kept in proper container it has shelf of up to a year after mixing.

$35.91 (CAD)
Picture of  Aussie Antarctic Moon 100g - Super Flex
Aussie Antarctic Moon 100g - Super Flex
This clay features super flex qualities that really push the envelope on creative possibilities. It does however need to be used within 2 weeks of mixing.

$41.23 (CAD)
Products specifications
Brand Aussie Metal Clays
Form Powder
Shrinkage 12-15%