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Art Clay Silver 950 (50g) + 10% Bonus

Art Clay Silver 950(50g). Professional Sterling Silver clay. One step fire.
Manufacturer: Art Clay

Art Clay Silver 950 clay features the same feel as the traditional fine silver clay but with professional strength. In fact, after firing, it is up to 60% stronger then fine silver clay. This combined with the added benefit of 1 step no carbon firing makes it choice clay for heavy wear items like ring, bracelets, clasps and much more.

Yes you can embed stones. After firing you can patina, add gold embellishments and otherwise work with it just like fine silver.

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$122.30 (CAD)
Products specifications
Made in Japan
Brand Art Clay
Size 50 grams
Form Sterling Silver clay
Shrinkage 10-13% approx
Firing Schedule Ramp till 932f/500c Hold 30min.Ramp up till 1598f/870c hold 60mins. Kiln cool.
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