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MetalMagic Sterling 960 Silver Clay 50g

Picture of MetalMagic Sterling 960 Silver Clay 50g
Sterling 960 silver metal clay that features great working time,high detail, exceptional strength and the best price in market.
Manufacturer: MetalClays

No Carbon Firing - Extra Strength

This new formula of sterling silver metal clay fires to .960 sterling silver. It features a really long working time. You will be amazed at how it picks up the smallest of details. The shrinkage rate of approximately 25% allows for even more detail in final piece. This formula provides extra strength for durablity of piece and finish. Last but not least it is the best priced silver clay on the market. You cannot torch fire but if you have a kiln your going to love this clay.

Each 50g pack yields 40g of .960 Sterling Silver

Simple Firing Instructions

1.Dry on hotplate or toaster oven(max 250f/120c). Air drying overnight will minmize curling.

2. Fire at 1600f/871c for 60 to 90 minutes( 2hrs is fine as well). Allow to cool to 250f before removing from kiln.


  • If you decide to remove early or your carbon is not fresh metal may oxidize(yellow color). This is easily remedied by squeezing 1 x lemon. Take juice and microwave for about 20 secs (till hot). Place items in hot juice for 10 min and oxidation will be gone. Juice will not work if not heated. This is basically a safe form of pickle.
  • Wrap unused clay well in saran wrap and store in clay keeper or refrigerator.

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Instructions for using Metal Magic Silver Clay


Metal Magic Silver Clay combines microscopic particles of silver with water and a nontoxic organic binder to create a material that can be worked with as easily as modeling clay. Objects can be made with simple tools that are then dried and heated in a small kiln. This drives off the water, burns away the binder and fuses the silver particles into solid metal.


Tools for shaping Metal Magic Silver Clay include rubber stamps, cookie cutters, children’s toys and many other household items like pens, playing cards, toothpicks and combs. A piece of plastic or glass makes a convenient waterproof work surface. Metal Magic Silver Clay does not stain or harm these tools. Clean up with soap and water. Avoid aluminum foil and aluminum tools because they can damage Metal Magic Silver Clay. Each person has their preferences, but a typical work setup includes a plastic sheet, a rolling pin, a small dish of water and assorted hand tools, Work on any stable surface with adequate lighting

Metal Magic Silver Clay is ready to use directly from package. Keep your silver clay tightly wrapped until you are ready to use it. Pull off exactly what you need to work with and wrap the rest in plastic and return to package. This is to prevent premature drying of clay. Apply a thin layer of olive oil to your hands and tools before starting. This will help prevent clay from sticking to you or your tools. Avoid drafts or hot lamps, as this will dry the clay you are working with quicker. Components can be cut, textured, layered and shaped to any form limited only by your imagination. Use water and slip to seal joints and smooth surfaces but take care to not use too much. Most artists do their work while the clay is soft and pliable but some choose to refine after it is dry but before it is fired. Dry silver clay can be sanded, filed and carved similar to model makers wax. When the moisture and organic binder is removed during firing it shrinks proportionately. Set aside your finished pieces to dry. If you are in a rush or just lack the patience a hair dryer, hot plate or toaster oven will help. A toaster oven should be set to 175degres F for about 20 minutes for most items. Make sure when cleaning up your work area to add a few drops of water to your open pack of silver clay and wrap back in plastic to insure it doesn’t dry up before its next use. Make sure to collect scraps and sand dust from your silver clay items, as it will make a great slip when you collect enough. This is done simply by sifting scraps and dust through fine kitchen sifter and adding water to desired consistency.

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