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SS Magnetic Tumbling Pins .05 x 5mm

Picture of SS Magnetic Tumbling Pins .05 x 5mm
The standard magnetic tumbler media for metal clay jewelry polishing.
Manufacturer: MetalClays

These specially formulated stainless steel magnetic pins are used in magnetic polishers only. 

.05mm x 5mm x  8oz

The size and shape helps to reach into and polish the tiniest details and settings with minimal lodging. This mix is specifically for jewelry and metal clay. They excel at work hardening and polishing very quickly. Does not remove material.


Like all stainless steel tumbling pins media needs to be "de ironed" and "blunted" before use for polishing. This is accomplished by running media in tumbler for several 10-15 minute cycles by itself. It is ready when water no longer turns black. This process can be accelerated with tumbling compound added to water.

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$27.33 (CAD)
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