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Ring Maker - 6mm - (10-11 US Size)

Picture of Ring Maker - 6mm - (10-11 US Size)
Craft ring bands in no time with this seamless ring maker mold kit.
Manufacturer: MetalClays

Not sure what size you need? This calculator will tell you exactly what Ring Maker Mold to use with what metal clay.

*calculator requires popups to be enabled on this page

Metal Clay Shrinkage Calculator

Tired of making rings that crack at the seam? Want to be able to take orders for a ring size without spending hours trying to get the size right? Our exclusive ring maker kits allow just that.

The width of the band is expressed in wet clay measurements.

"Full Round" molds pertain to the elliptical cross section of band which is 2.5mm thick(wet clay). This shape of band is visually pleasing as well as more comfortable to wear, especially in thick bands.

These molds are sized in US Standard ring sizes. They are designed around silver metal clay and its shrinkage properties. Unlike the competition we made the size allowance so they can accommodate all the metal clays available. In other words size 6-7 for example will actually work for size 5 3/4 to 7 1/4 when using PMC 3. If you tried to use PMC Pro in this range it wouldn't work. So by overlapping the sizes you can confidently work with all metals. It is best to use a different set for each metal clay you work with. We highly suggest using ring plugs during firing to guarantee sizing. If you don't use them you can expect the ring to fire to the smaller size. For example size 6-7 without a plug will fire to about 6.

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Made in USA
Form 3000 psi Thermo Plastic
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