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Art Clay Silver - Low Fire (50g)

Picture of Art Clay Silver - Low Fire (50g)
****Lowest possible price****
Manufacturer: Art Clay
This silver clay can be fired at temperatures as low as 1200 f. Perfect for use with glass, sterling silver, molds and settings . You can embed just about anything that can withstand 1200f. Can be fire with torch, gas stove top or kiln. Shrinkage is approximately 8-9%. We can only ship to you within North America and US territories.

This clay like most metal clay dries rapidly. While working with it add 1-2 drops of distilled water if it becomes stiff.

For Firing schedule and other info please check "Specification" tab below

Instructions for Art Clay Silver 650/1200 Low Fire
MSDS for Art Clay Silver

ˆ104.47 (EUR)
Products specifications
Form Fine silver metal clay
Made in Japan
Size 20 grams
Material Silver
Shrinkage 8-9% approximately
Brand Art Clay
Firing Schedule Kiln 1650F 2 hrs(recommended),1380 10min,1290F 15min,1200F 30min Torch(Red
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