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3M 3/4" Radial Bristle Disc Grit #80(Set of 3)

Great low heat way to power polish your metal clay jewelry.
Get quick and professional results with 3M radial bristle discs. They feature a unique, three-dimensional abrasive/flexible bristle design that provides a uniform finish. Use them for heavy cleaning, for removing firescale and light oxidation, and then for complete polish cycle . Discs provide the convenience of a built in abrasive that doesn't generate the heat associated with classic rubber wheels.

• Remove oxides from jewelry without using messy compounds.
• Clean and maintain hard-to-reach areas and fine detail.
• Embedded cubitron mineral abrasive is much harder than most metals.
• Recommended handpiece speed is 15,000rpm; maximum is 30,000rpm.

You should work from lowest grit to highest grit for high polish

***Always load no less then 3 and nor more then 6 on mandrel
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$6.51 (CAD)
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