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Advantage Plus Kit

Picture of Advantage Plus Kit

This kit includes the following:
•5 Unmounted blue coarse wheel (22mm x 3mm)
•5 Unmounted blue coarse knife–edge (22mm x 4mm)
•5 Unmounted black medium wheel (22mm x 3mm)
•5 Unmounted black medium knife–edge (22mm x 4mm)
•5 Unmounted brown fine cylinder (7mm x 20mm)
•5 Unmounted brown fine wheel (22mm x 3mm)
•5 Unmounted brwon fine knife–edge (22mm x 4mm)
•5 Unmounted green very fine cylinder (7mm x 20mm)
•5 Unmounted green very fine wheel (22mm x 3mm) •
5 Unmounted green very fine knife–edge (22mm x 4mm)
•Two mandrels with shank size of 3/32"

Brand: AdvantEdge
Hole size: 1/16"
Country of origin: USA


Availability: In stock

£31.16 (GBP)