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PMC Sterling 25g

Picture of PMC Sterling 25g
A Sterling Silver version of your favorite metal clay. As it the name implies it is the strongest yet.
Manufacturer: PMC
Work, roll, cut, shape and fire versatile PMC Sterling™ like any ordinary clay. After firing, your
design comes out of your kiln as a solid sterling silver object. Use a “925” quality mark on your
finished piece.

PMC Sterling™ is made in Japan and is available in 25-gram and and 50-gram.
Composition: Metal powder (92.5% fine silver, 7.5% copper), water and organic binder
Color: Pickle white after firing
Shrinkage: 15–20%
Firing temperature: 1500°F (815°C)
Physical Properties
(after firing):
• Melting point: 1620°F (880°C)
• Density after firing: 9.3 S.G.
• Tensile strength: 190 N/ mm2
• Bending strength: 160 N/ mm2
• Surface hardness: 50 HV
Important: Because of the copper content in this formula, firing is a two-step process. Step two
requires a firing pan and activated carbon media.
Please Note: PMC® has a strong adverse reaction to contact with aluminum. Do not use
aluminum tools or allow your unfired PMC to come into contact with any aluminum object.

Instructions Sheet
Old price: $66.68 (CAD)
$66.02 (CAD)
Products specifications
Brand PMC
Made in Japan
Shrinkage 15-20% approx.
Material Sterling Silver
Firing Schedule 1st Fire to 1000° F (538° C) for 30 minutes, more for thick pieces.2nd Fire heat to 1500° F (815° C), and hold for at least 30 minutes. Follow preperation procedures as supplied in instruction sheets.
Composition 92.5% fine silver, 7.5% copper water and binding materials
Form Sterling Silver clay
Density 10.4 g (rolled silver = 10.5 S.G.)
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