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Art Clay Silver Clay (50g)

Picture of Art Clay Silver Clay (50g)
Art Clay Silver Clay (50g). New Formula.
Manufacturer: Art Clay

New form of Art Clay. This formula combines the best of both worlds of former formulas. It is compatible and mixable with Low Fire and Low Fire/Slow Dry formulas.

Features of the new Art Clay Silver Formula
• Better workability compared to original formula and 650 formulas
• Longer working time than original, 650, and 650 Slow Dry formulas
• For syringe, the ratio of silver has increased so that the syringe better holds its lines
• Only 8-9% shrinkage
• Similar drying times as original and 650 formulas when using applied heat (such as a hair dryer, warmer, or dehydrator)
• Easier carving and filing in the dry stage
• Quicker and simpler reconstitution from dried clay; new formula clay is meant to absorb moisture well
• Fires similarly to 650 formula (30 minutes at 1200°F, on a continuum to only 5 minutes at or above 1472°F)
• High quality finishing and shine

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$133.70 (CAD)
Products specifications
Form Fine silver metal clay
Shrinkage 8-9% approximately
Firing Schedule 30 minutes at 1200°F, on a continuum to only 5 minutes at or above 1472°F
Made in Japan
Brand Art Clay
Size 50 grams
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