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Casting Resin 60ml

Picture of Casting Resin 60ml
Casting resin perfect for creating hard stamps from molds.
Manufacturer: MetalClays

This casting resin is perfect for creating hard plastic "positive" stamps from molds. A great example would be for fingerprints. After taking a finger print impression in the 2 part cold mold you can use this resin to create a copy of a fingerprint that can be used for impressing the texture in clay. Its use can be seen here


1. Mix equal amounts of Part A and Part B in small disposable container.

2. After mixing well you have about 30 seconds to pour it into mold.

3. You can remove from mold in 5 minutes and fully use it in 10 mins.

Before working with new casting with clay make sure you lubricate.

While this product is intended for home/studio use all resins should be used in well ventilated areas with proper safety percautions such as gloves and mask. Please see MSDS for other info.


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