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3 Lb. Rotary Tumbler

Quickly and economically shine your metal clay.
ˆ59.79 (EUR)

Dual Drum Rotary Tumbler

Dual Drum Rotary Tumbler for hassle free finishing of your metal clay projects.
ˆ82.79 (EUR)

Dura-BULL® Single-Barrel Rotary Tumbler

Economical and reliable tumbler for easy polishing of your metal clay items.
ˆ109.48 (EUR)

Rubber Barrel Tumber Replacement Belt

Replacement belt for rubber barrel rotary tumbler.
ˆ4.59 (EUR)

SS Magnetic Tumbling Pins .05 x 5mm

The standard magnetic tumbler media for metal clay jewelry polishing.
ˆ18.35 (EUR)

Stainless Steel Shot- Texture Blend

The tumble media for metal clay polishing. For high polish and work hardening. This particular blend is great for heavy textured items.
ˆ17.94 (EUR)