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Brass Wire Bristle Brush

Use this brass brush to produce satin or brushed finishes and to clean surfaces.
ˆ10.07 (EUR)

Makin's Professional Clay Texture Set

Makin's Professional Clay Texture Set(8 pcs)
ˆ18.35 (EUR)
ˆ18.17 (EUR)

Metal Clay Anti-Stick Oil

30 ml bottle of anti stick solution for hands, molds and tools.
ˆ5.47 (EUR)

Metal Clay Craft Knife

All purpose utility knife.
ˆ3.39 (EUR)

Metal Clay Non Stick Sheet 4in x 6in

This nonstick sheet is an indispensable work surface for metal clays.
ˆ3.63 (EUR)

Metal Clay Roller

6 inch PVC metal clay roller.
ˆ1.79 (EUR)

Metal Clay Starter Kit Deluxe

A complete metal clay starter tool set.
ˆ41.39 (EUR)

Needle File Set/10, Diamond, 180 grit

These quality crafted needle files(10) feature assorted shapes with 180 grit
ˆ7.31 (EUR)

Precision Cut-Off Needle Tool

Precision needle for doing metal clay cut offs
ˆ1.37 (EUR)
ˆ1.09 (EUR)

Pro Needle Tool

This need tool is a all purpose needle tool.
ˆ2.29 (EUR)
ˆ2.20 (EUR)

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